To Book your Event

Weddings & Other FunctionsTerms and Conditions Please Read Carefully

1.                   Other Providers

·                    Pioneer Country may engage other providers (such as contractors) from time

            to time to fulfill tours and activity requirements.

·                    Pioneer Country will not accept responsibility for any loss as a result of any

            act or omission of other providers and we will give you reasonable assistance

            in helping to resolve problems that may occur. 

2.                   Liability

·                    Except as provided in the provisions of the Australian Trade Practices Act 1974,

            you will release Pioneer Country, its agents, contractors or representatives as

            a result in participating in any tour or activity of any injury, death, damage,

            monetary loss or loss of property.

·                    All damages must be paid for. 

3.                   Prices

·                    Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars

·                    Prices are inclusive of GST

·                    All prices are quoted on minimum number of guests.  Pioneer Country reserves

            the right to increase costs of decoration, theming and other activities at their


·                    All extra services provided and food & beverage pricing are subject to a minimum

            number of participants.  Small bookings will be subject to an additional


·                    A 15% surcharge will be added to the total invoice for dates involving Public


·                    All rates and prices are firm at the time of full payment otherwise will be subject

            to change without notice.  

4.                   Booking

·                    The function booking will only be accepted on the receipt of a $500.00 booking

            fee (non refundable).

·                    Additional booking fees may be required to confirm any contractor bookings such

            as entertainers or showmen.  You will be notified of the amount (if any) and the

            same terms and conditions will apply relating to bookings and cancellations.

·                    Confirmed numbers are due no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the function

            date. The “Wedding or Function Sheet” must be signed and dated and

            returned to Pioneer Country 15 days prior to the function.

·                    Final Payment can be made by cash, bank cheque, Bank Transfer (Direct

            Deposit).  We do not have eftpos facilities.

·                    The Pioneer Country bank account details are:

            Westpac BankWH & RT Sullivan

            trading as Pioneer Country BSB: 034 111A/C: 110929   

5.                   Cancellation

The following cancellation fees will apply: 

·                    100% of the booking fee - $500 

            -  Up to 30 days prior to date will incur a 50% fee of the total function


            - 31 to 60 Days prior to date will incur a 20% fee of total function


·                    Cancellations must be in writing.

·                    We will make every effort to transfer the booking, subject to suitability

            of dates to avoid cancellation fees.   

6.                   Authority

·                    All participants must agree to obey and comply with all rules and /or directions

            made or given by Pioneer Country, its agents, representatives and other service

            providers in connection with the function.

·                    Participants will not act in a way that could endanger the welfare, enjoyment

            or safety of other participants and/or animals at the function.

·                    Failure to comply with Pioneers Country’s rules and/or directions may result

            in the function to be discontinued and no refund will be given. 

7.                   Use of Material

·                    Pioneer Country may elect to use photographical images and testimonials

            by participants, to be used for marketing and promotional purposes. 

8.                   General

·                    Pioneer Country practices and promotes the Responsible Service of Alcohol.

·                    Pioneer Country is fully licensed and advises that funder the Liquor License

            Act food and beverages cannot be brought on to the premises - any person found

            to disregard these rules will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

·                    Smoking is allowed in certain areas on the verandah only. Cigarettes are not

            available for purchase on site.  There are also no ATM facilities on site and

            personal cheques will not be accepted on the evening only cash.

You will be required to sign a copy of the above Terms and Conditions upon paying your deposit.